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To book an item of equipment at our Shopmobility facility, please complete the form below.

Please give at least 24 hours notice for an online booking. If you require an item sooner, please call us on 0333 241 2747 during opening hours.


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Before submitting your booking, please ensure you have read the following Terms and Conditions relating to the hire of our equipment.

Terms and Conditions

I confirm that I do not have any medical or physical condition and that I do not take any medication that would impair my ability to safely use or operate the equipment provided to me. Also that I am not unfit to operate the equipment through alcohol or other substance and that I will not become so during the period of loan or hire.

I will at all times use the equipment safely and in such a way as to avoid harm to myself or anyone else.

I understand that there may be weight limits applicable to certain types of equipment and that I will abide by any limits or special usage advised to me by Shopmobility staff.

I will take due care of the equipment whilst it is in my possession and I will not leave it unattended at any time with the exception of motorised scooters that I will park safely and with the key removed. Before alighting from any motorised equipment or wheelchair I will ensure the brakes have been applied and the motor, if fitted, is switched off.

I will not allow any other person to use the equipment lent or hired to me and I will not carry any passengers including children or pets.

I understand that pedestrians have right of way and I will be fully aware of their safety at all times especially when moving through crowded places or when reversing or manoeuvring a scooter or wheelchair.

I will not hang bags off the handlebars of the equipment where fitted or carry large or dangerous items that may impair the safe operation of the equipment or cause risk of harm to myself or anyone else.

I will ensure that all equipment is returned to Shopmobility in Bullring within a maximum of 4 hours or such shorter time as will be agreed when the equipment is provided and that in any event, all equipment must be returned before closing time on the day concerned.

I understand that I am responsible for anyone else who collects or returns equipment for me and that I am liable for any damage or inconvenience that they may cause.

I understand that I must inform Shopmobility in Bullring immediately in the case of any damage or theft of any equipment loaned or hired to me and that I must follow any instructions they may then give to me.

I understand that I am liable for any damage caused to or by the equipment loaned or hired by me and that I may be charged for repairs to be made.

Data Protection

I understand that any information provided by me to Birmingham Shopmobility for the purposes of registration and/or loan or hire of equipment may be stored on computerised systems; this will also include any information recorded as a result of loss or damage. Any such data stored will only be held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998 any subsequent legislation.

I confirm that I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions associated with hiring of equipment from the Shopmobility facility in Bullring.